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Zirconium is one of the star and innovative materials that we use at Crown & Bridge when we make dental prostheses of high aesthetic quality. It provides us with extensive aesthetic advantages compared to any other material. 

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Zirconium is a mineral with a high degree of resistance and performance, and thanks to this we can make dental prostheses of unparalleled quality, both in crowns, veneers, rehabilitations...
aesthetic improvement

Through zirconium an unbeatable aesthetic quality is achieved


Performed digitally through intraorals and designed with the best software in the sector

100% Biocompatible

It is a completely biocompatible material


Precise and excellent quality results

Fast and effective

Work times are less

Natural color

A much more natural color is obtained 


make the difference

We are committed to permanent improvement and innovation of the quality of our work, which leads us to search for new and better materials. Zirconium is one of them.

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