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splints  milled and printed

Ancla 1

The discharge splints are custom designed for each patient, in a totally personalized way. They are manufactured digitally, using the most advanced technology in the sector.

Digitization makes results accurate, personalized and fast.

The discharge splint are dental protectors that allow us to cushion the pressure to which the teeth are subjected when a patient presents bruxism or stops function.

They are one of the most common and effective treatments for the treatment of bruxism and for the relief of the symptoms of some problems of the temporomandibular joint.

discharge ferrule

Digital 100%

Made digitally through the best software in the sector for greater precision.


Through digitization, we achieve finishes in less time.

Safe and Effective

They are biocompatible and with outstanding resistance, which is why they are the best treatment for bruxism.


Unique and personalized, therefore, a perfect fit is achieved.

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