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Crown & Bridge was founded in 2008 by Rafael Valera.

From  then  we continue  training and innovating our way of working with the latest  technologies, to provide a service of exceptional quality.  

all of our  jobs  they pass a quality control supervised by our technical specialist Rafael Valera, whose career goes through:


  Technician specialized in Dental Prosthetics since 1983. Continuous training by different Schools of Prosthetics in Madrid.



  Lecturer of numerous courses and conferences at national and international level for the companies Metalor Dental (Iberoamérica) SA, Cendres et Metaux and currently CM Ciencia y Tecnología Dental SLU.


  He has expanded his training with Michel Magne, Hermanos Rutten, Naoki Aiba, Sascha Hein, August Bruguera, Iñigo Casares, Klaus Mutherthis among others.


  Member of the scientific and organizing committee of SEPES Madrid 2006.


  teacher/collaborator  from different universities in Madrid UEM (European University of Madrid) URJC (Rey Juan Carlos University).


  He is currently an External Technical Collaborator of CM Ciencia y Tecnología Dental SL

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